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Confined Space Entry

Confined space entry is a specialized service that few can offer with the expertise and experience of Preferred Electric.

Confined Space Entry Equipment

Preferred Electric comes well equipped with fresh air blowers, guard rails, supplied air and self-contained breathing apparatus, tri-pod for retrievals and our own generators for emergency night work. Preferred electric has an exemplary safety history and a thorough understanding and respect for Ministry-specific regulations and guidelines.

Safety and Sanitation in Confined Space Entry

Safety and sanitation are major concerns on any work site. Our specialized mobile units are fully equipped with diposable coveralls, rubberized and disposable gloves, fully stocked first aid kits, sanitizers, eye wash and manuals for procedures, as well as safety practices. All communications are maintained with a private channel to ensure the well-being of our specialists at all times.

Trailer outfitted with all safety equipment for specialized Confined Space Entry tasks.

Some of our specialized equipment allows us to:

  • Repair and maintain parking lot and street lamps, as well as manage any exterior electrical work;
  • dig trenches, excavate and remove debris from any underground electrical work;
  • detect underground infrastructure obstacles such as pipes and cables;
  • repair and maintain high positioned interior lighting, such as ceiling lights in industrial settings;
  • repair and maintain pumping stations, even without disabling or disrupting a pumping stations service;
  • data collection at pumpiing stations with our proprietary pump station service software;
  • residential emergency repairs or replacement of power without waiting for permits or city officials / inspectors.

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